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The Next Realm

Realm Fashion introduces you to the next Realm of a festival with amazing local artist from southern Louisiana such as DONNY, TRUBOO, KBOUDY, STONE, AND BARBZ.Venue was provided by the prestigious Lenny's Nightclub of Houma, LA. Even the famous Bawldyofficial came to break some necks for the headbangers. If you love EDM music and those wub wub beats you'll love their work. The south is getting dirty with these local EDM artist. Like follow and subscribe to these amazing artist more details below. Follow Realm Fashions newsletter to stay up to date on new artist, clothing deals, and festivals. . Follow Donny on twitter @donny__offical Follow Truboo on twitter @9kenny_boo Follow Kboudy on twitter @kboudydubs    Follow Stone...

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